MREP is a workshop series that brings together fishermen/women and fisheries scientists, managers and policy makers, to learn about fisheries since and management and give the fishing community tools to effectively and confidently engage in science, management and policy.

Participants leave the workshops prepared to engage confidently in fishery management and to critically evaluate the science affecting their fishery. The program includes two, three-day workshops that build upon each other.

The 2019/2020 series is accepting applications now, with workshops scheduled as follows:

Fisheries Science Workshop - October 1-3rd , 2019 in Newport, Oregon.

Fisheries Management Workshop - January 14-16th, 2020 in Portland, Oregon.

Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust Scholarship Application

For the last several years the Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust has encouraged local fishermen and women to attend the Marine Resource Education Program (MREP). Although the host organization (Gulf of Maine Research Institute) covers the cost of these workshops, we recognize this is still time you are taking off of the water.

To supplement some of the time spent off the water, the Trust is offering three $1,000 dollar scholarships to local Monterey Bay participants. If you are interested in attending, we ask you to FIRST apply for MREP by visiting the website (see link above), and then complete and submit the scholarship application below.

Ideal scholarship recipients are those who are interested in fisheries science and management, and are likely to use this experience to further engage in science and management discussions.

If No, please submit an application first by visiting the MREP site (see above).
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