Putting your money where your mouth is

By Sarah Wood | Edible Monterey Bay

September 12, 2017

Speakers at an inspiring social investing conference sponsored by Edible Monterey Bay this week are exploring how we all can have a positive impact on our local food system when we invest with our communities in mind—and how local food businesses can tap into new channels for this community support.

Many of the comments made about food producers and purveyors at ComCap17, held in various venues in downtown Monterey, were made during a panel Monday that focused on ways to finance local farms and fisheries.

“There is a need for an ecosystem of support,” said Brett Melone, director of lending for California FarmLink, which assists farmers in buying and selling land. “We need investors that are willing to take risks that others haven’t been willing to take, based on shared values,” he said

Sherry Flumerfelt