Good Week/Bad Week Column.

Good Week/Bad Week ColumnMonterey County Weekly. Issue Sept. 17-23, 2015. Page 4.

GOOD: The prospect of maintaining a local, sustainable fishing community got a big boost Sept. 11 when the Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust acquired more than $1 million in ground fish fishing quota from The Nature Conservancy. The trust, a local nonprofit aimed at preserving the region's ground fish fishery, was formed in response to a federally-mandated "catch share" quota program implemented in 2011. While the system has proven an ecological success, it has a downside: Fishermen who were allocated quota shares in 2011 can sell them on the open market, meaning local fishermen may sell some of their quota to out-of-state interests.  MBFT Executive Director Sherry Flumerfelt says the $1 million from TNC amounts to about 4.2 million pounds of catch, bringing MBFT's total quota holdings to 4.7 million pounds. MBFT will now lease out the quota, and Flumerfelt says negotiations with local fishermen have already begun.

Dani Dunn