Fishing Industry Expands in Monterey.

KION News Channel 5, July 22, 2015

MONTEREY, Calif. - Petrale sole, rock cod and much more. If those are some of your favorite choices on a dinner menu, we have good news. A lot will now be locally caught. It's all thanks to a population rebound after strict fishing regulations in the Monterey Bay.

Monterey Fish Company said its happy city council members accepted a $225,000 grant money that will allow local fisherman to catch ground fish, like red rock cod. 

"Anything great that will make us work more, and catch more, more of an income coming in is good for us and the community," fisherman Gaspar Catanzaro said.

Since the city's decision, Monterey Fish said sales have already been up 5 percent just this week. Fisherman and local restaurants said shoppers and diners are clamoring for the prime consumer fish, things like butter fish and certain kinds of snapper  

Dani Dunn