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Local Catch Seafood Summit Early Registration Deadline

  • The Redd on Salmon Street Portland, OR United States (map)


Thanks to our sponsors, the summit organizers are offering travel and attendance assistance grants to qualifying individuals attending the 2019 Local Seafood Summit in Portland, Oregon. To qualify, an individual must:

− Be registered and plan to attend the full summit, Oct 6-7, 2019
− Have to travel more than 50 miles to attend the summit
− Be unable to claim travel reimbursement from their employer or other funder

All information on application form must be complete. Failure to meet these criteria will disqualify the individual from a travel grant.

Travel funds are to be used to offset costs associated with hotel rental, meals, and travel to and from the workshop. If more applications are received than the number of grants available, priority will be given to:

1. Individuals who make a living by commercial fishing;
2. Secondary priority will be based on direct involvement in direct marketing;
3. Tertiary priority will be given to those with interest in values-based seafood systems, as demonstrated by participation in the Summit
4. Other considerations include geographic representation and direct marketing representation.

***Please note that travel assistance is not guaranteed and is dependent on fundraising for the summit.

About the Summit

The 3rd Local Seafood Summit celebrates the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of small-scale and community-based seafood businesses committed to strengthening our local, regional, and national food systems.  It is an opportunity to showcase progress within the Local Catch Network, expand the community, and gain practical skills and knowledge that can help seafood businesses thrive.

The goals of the summit are to: (1) facilitate knowledge sharing, mentor relationships, and networking within our community and with new partners; (2) identify and develop innovative strategies for protecting, operationalizing, and promoting the core values; (3) increase’s capacity to directly support small-scale fishermen and values-based seafood businesses.  

Catalyzed by local innovation and global collaboration, seafood enterprises seeking to create safe, fair, sustainable supply chains that support marine conservation and coastal resilience continue to emerge.  However, these businesses also continue to face financial and organizational challenges that limit their ability to sustain a triple bottom line and potential long-term success. Recognizing these challenges, the summit is framed around the need to transparently incorporate values into a rapidly changing seafood system, thus adding value to small-scale fisheries.