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Fish 2.0 California Fisheries & Seafood Innovation Workshop Applications Due

Fish 2.0 California Fisheries & Seafood Innovation Workshop and Networking Event
Applications due October 28th


Apply now to participate as an entrepreneur, investor or expert.

The California track includes both a workshop in San Francisco in November, as well as a dedicated online competition which will launch on November 28. Workshop attendance is helpful, but not required, for online participation. Details and applications are below.


1. To be eligible, all businesses in this track must either

  • Utilize or benefit California fishery resources, OR

  • Benefit California seafood supply chains, OR

  • Support ocean climate resilience in a way that would have a positive impact on California coasts.

2. Start-up, early stage and established businesses may participate.

3. Ventures must be revenue generating or expect to be revenue generating. They should be seeking either investment or business/industry partnerships, not grant funding.

4. Ventures may be involved in any aspect of seafood supply chains, climate resilience technologies or seafood production, harvesting and trade. Examples include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Seafood production, trade and/or supply chains.

  • Providing services for fisheries management.

  • Technologies and business models that increase climate resilience for fisheries and fishing communities.

  • Changing supply chains in ways that promote sustainability and local food systems.

  • Creating new forms of seafood storage and logistics, consumer products, processes or products that reduce waste, ways to shorten seafood supply chains or provide local seafood to California consumers including CSFs and others, and other innovations are all eligible.

  • Increasing transparency and/or traceability in seafood supply chains.

  • Technology-based ventures are welcome and non-technology solutions are also eligible.

  • Financial enterprises and investment/loan funds that support sustainable fisheries and seafood.

If you are in doubt about your eligibility, email us at .


California-based businesses that are interested in growing through investment or by creating new business relationships with other ventures, seafood experts, government leaders and investors should plan on attending this workshop.

Investors, Government, and Industry experts interested in learning more about Californian innovations in this sector are invited to attend the presentations and networking event on the second day. Fish 2.0 finalist alumni from 2013, 2015 and 2017 are also welcome to the reception.

Our events are free of charge but you must apply or register below to attend. Space is limited. All registrations will be confirmed to you in the weeks before the event.

California workshop and networking event

When: November 28-29, 2018

Where: SMTP Offices, 101 The Embarcadero, #118 (next to the Ferry Building) San Francisco, CA

View the California workshop flyer (PDF) for details and agenda.