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Kathy Fosmark

Fisherman, fishermom and commercial fishing advocate

Few people in the Monterey Bay fishing community have a resumé quite like Kathy Fosmark. Feeling that fishermen weren’t adequately educating themselves about their rights and how to navigate the complex web of bureaucracy that directly affected their livelihoods, she quickly became a fearless and respected advocate of fishermen.

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Joeleen Lambert Skinner, F/V Pioneer

Fisherman & “Deck Boss”

Joeleen lives off both land and sea. When she’s not working on her ranch in Carmel Valley, she’s wrangling the team on the light touch trawler, the F/V Pioneer, alongside childhood friend Giusseppe ‘Joe’ Pennisi. She’s a relative new commer to the industry but picked up the ropes very quickly. Her potent combination of determination and charm is hard to forget.

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