Hans Haveman, H&H Fresh Fish Co.

Fishmonger, Fisherman, Retail Market, and Community Supported Fishery (CSF)

Seventeen years ago, before seafood was called “sustainable”, fisherman Hans Haveman was selling his catch at Monterey Peninsula farmers' markets and telling people why they should buy local fish. “I saw that there was real passion in organic food,” he said. “And I liked being a part of that.” 

He had grown up sport fishing in Santa Cruz, and they crewed on commercial fishing boats on the Monterey Bay, New Zealand and Alaska. On his travels he also worked as chef in San Francisco and Los Angeles, including a Wolfgang Puck restaurant. Then he returned to Santa Cruz, perfectly positioned to facilitate between local fishermen, chefs, and the public and H & H Fresh Fish Co. became the go-to place for seafood. 

He still takes out his vessel, Wild Natalie, when the salmon are running and to catch open access hook and line species like halibut and seabass. Meanwhile, his land-based seafood business is booming. He is the registered buyer in the Santa Cruz harbor and only buys fish coming from boats landing their catch in Santa Cruz. 

H & H Fresh Fish Co. opened a new store in 2018, just below Johnny’s Harborside restaurant. The fish are cut on property and are then accessible wholesale to local chefs and retail to the general public. People can sign up for a weekly share through the CSS, or Community Supported Seafood program, or stop by and buy a fresh fillet to take home and cook. There’s also prepared poke, ceviche or other picnic lunch and catering items available to go. And of course, you can still find H & H at farmers markets, alongside Monterey’s farmers, ranchers, and other local food visionaries who helped start a worldwide trend from the Monterey Peninsula.