Linda McIntyre, Moss Landing Harbor District


Linda McIntyre

Linda McIntyre

Linda McIntyre’s background is in government and law. She’s been a business attorney, City Council member, legislative liaison, elected City Treasurer and elected City Clerk for the City of San Juan Bautista. Since 1999, she’s brought her legal savvy and diplomatic chops to the role of harbormaster in Moss Landing Harbor District.

Linda enjoyed walking the docks and greeting the commercial fishermen, scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), along with the sailors and whale watchers who depart from Moss Landing. Yet in 2009, tragedy struck. An avid motorcyclist, she was riding north on 101 when a wheel came off a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction on 101 in San Jose; it bounced over the median and slammed into her at 65 mph – she was also going 65 mph. That could have been the end, as the impact severed one of her femoral arteries; she had about three minutes to live. Fortunately, there was a medical doctor in the vehicle behind her who applied a tourniquet. She lost part of her leg, but not her life.

As she put It, “I don’t get to walk the docks anymore (or ride a motorcycle for that matter, which I miss terribly) but it hasn’t slowed me down and I have a great support staff.” She is still an avid supporter of the Moss Landing waterfront culture. “Commercial fishing is an important part of the culture here in Moss Landing,” she said. “There aren’t as many commercial boats as there used to be, but we hope that will change.”  While there has been some collaboration between biologists at MBARI and commercial fishermen, she’s hoping to see more in the future. ”My goal, and my board’s is to keep our commercial fishing heritage alive.”