Calder Deyerle, Sea Harvest

Fisherman & Fishmonger

Calder Deyerle fishes for Dungeness crab, King salmon, California halibut, black cod and rockfish on the Monterey Bay. He grew up crewing for his father Richard and uncle Daniel Deyerle, owners of Sea Harvest restaurants and a wholesale seafood business by the same name. The fishing family also includes his brother Walter, and they have a small fleet of boats that can be seen offloading in Moss Landing.

Calder’s deckhand is his young son Miles, who assists him by sorting black cod into totes, and sometimes even takes his naps in the fish totes. He calls going out to sea with his father “home school” though life may get drastically different for him when he starts kindergarten. He’s also going to have a little sister soon!

Calder and Miles made national news when they helped rescue a Humpback whale entangled in a line from a crab pot. “Miles refused to the leave the whale,” Calder explained. “So we called it in and stayed with the whale until the rescue team arrived.” Calder then began training to be a first responder for whale rescue. It makes sense, as he’s out on the Monterey Bay almost daily.