Scott Fosmark, Fosmark Fisheries LLC



Scott Fosmark is a fifth generation commercial fisherman from Monterey. He came of age learning how to wrestle salmon, albacore tuna, and even swordfish onto the deck and into the hold.  He spent so much time at sea, that his childhood bathtub was the sink on his dad’s boat. One of his most memorable experiences was on a foggy day, out on the water with his mother and father, and they caught 857 albacore. “We pulled wide open for five hours,” he said. 

Scott went on to attend Polytechnic State University and then worked as a financial advisor. Ten years later, the sea lured him back, and he started Fosmark Fisheries LLC. In 2012, he bought his first boat, the Yaznak, and in 2015, his second boat, the Queen Corinne. He credits much of his company’s success to the people he has built his company around. As Scott stated, he does what he does because of good people.

His company has expanded every year in the five years since it began. Based out of Brookings, Oregon, Scott’s boats fish for albacore, shrimp and crab - but he is currently exploring options for returning his operations to Monterey.  When he is not busy balancing the financial world with his own fishing company, Scott can be found helping his mom run her fishing boats here in Monterey, or running around with his wife and three young children.