Roger Whitney, Bay Fresh Seafoods

Roger Whitney in Moss Landing.

Roger Whitney in Moss Landing.

Wholesale Fish Buyer & Seller

Roger Whitney has been part of the Monterey Bay fishing community since he was a child. He grew up fishing for albacore, salmon and smelt in the Monterey Bay with his father. By the time he was in his late twenties, Roger had begun to work for a seafood business in Moss Landing, General Fish Company, which sold salmon, albacore and squid wholesale.  He stayed with them for seventeen years selling local catch, until they went out of business. After General Fish Company closed, Roger took over the dock they had been located on, and opened his own business, Bay Fresh Seafood. 

Bay Fresh Seafood buys fish such as salmon, Dungeness crab, black cod, and halibut from commercial vessels and sells them wholesale. When Roger started Bay Fresh Seafood, he had only one boat selling him fish. At the height of the commercial fishing industry in Moss Landing, Bay Fresh Seafood had up to one million pounds of salmon and eight hundred tons of albacore coming through its doors in a year.

Over the past few years, Roger has been working with the Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust to help our team understand the regulatory and policy challenges facing the fishing community. He is a strong advocate for the rights of commercial fishermen.