Jerid Rold, F/V Deputy Dawg



Born into a fishing family, Jerid grew up on the ocean. Starting at the age of five, he spent his childhood fishing with his dad on albacore boats. By the time he was a teenager, he was following fish from the southern to the northern Pacific. Along with albacore, Jerid fished yellowfin tuna, skipjack, spotted prawns and black gill.

After over a decade of fishing around the Pacific, Jerid decided to return home to the Monterey Bay. Since returning, he has owned several boats, and fished salmon, black cod and slime eels off of them. Also known as “hagfish”, slime eels produce a mucous like slime when agitated. Slime eels can be a demanding catch as they are fished with bucket traps, and have to be kept alive for their sale to Korea. In addition to fishing slime eels, Jerid also works with his uncle, Roger Whitney, at Bay Fresh Seafood in Moss Landing. When he’s not on the water, or at the dock, Jerid can be found enjoying the area with his wife and two children at the beach or the BMX racetrack.

Jerid is on the Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust's Lost Gear Recovery team, helping locate and remove lost Dungeness crab gear from Monterey Bay to prevent whale entanglements.