Kathy Fosmark

Fisherman, fishermom and commercial fishing advocate

Few people in the Monterey Bay fishing community have a resumé quite like Kathy Fosmark. Feeling that fishermen weren’t adequately educating themselves about their rights and how to navigate the complex web of bureaucracy that directly affected their livelihoods, she quickly became a fearless and respected advocate of fishermen.

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Coco Faulk, F/V Aqua Leo

Fisherwoman and Fishermom

Coco and her husband Tom Faulk, who together live in Aptos, own the F/V Aqua Leo that fishes out of Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay. Their daughter Valerie has stuck with the family business and works on deck with the couple. The family harvests salmon, crab, albacore tuna and catches groundfish by hook and line.

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Roger Burleigh
Joeleen Lambert Skinner, F/V Pioneer

Fisherman & “Deck Boss”

Joeleen lives off both land and sea. When she’s not working on her ranch in Carmel Valley, she’s wrangling the team on the light touch trawler, the F/V Pioneer, alongside childhood friend Giusseppe ‘Joe’ Pennisi. She’s a relative new commer to the industry but picked up the ropes very quickly. Her potent combination of determination and charm is hard to forget.

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Walter Deyerle, F/V Sea Harvest IV


Walter Deyerle is the quintessential waterman. When the 30-year-old is not making a living catching halibut, rockfish, sablefish and Dungeness crab on the Monterey Bay, he’s surfing, diving, boating and sport fishing. He’s even paddled out and caught waves at Mavericks, a monstrous break just north of Half Moon Bay.

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David Graham, Geisha Sushi & Japanese Tea House

Executive Chef

David opened Geisha Japanese Restaurant and Tea House in Capitola in 2011 – it was the first sustainable sushi restaurant in the county, and is still one of the few in the nation. He partnered with the non-profit FishWise which helped him craft a statement about sustainable seafood for his restaurant. The restaurant in and of itself is a manifestation of his passion for Japanese folk medicine, culture, and cuisine.

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Hans Haveman, H&H Fresh Fish Co.

Wholesale Buyer, Fisherman, Retail Market, and Community Supported Fishery (CSF)

Seventeen years ago, before seafood was called “sustainable”, fisherman Hans Haveman was selling his catch at Monterey Peninsula farmers' markets and telling people why they should buy local fish. “I saw that there was real passion in organic food,” he said. “And I liked being a part of that.” 

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