Marketing & Communications Plan



Description of Work

The Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust (MBFT) invites responses to this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) from qualified agencies or individuals to develop a Marketing and Communications Plan that will serve as a road map for MBFT for the next two years. It will include marketing, outreach strategies, branding, and telling the “story” of Monterey Bay fishermen, seafood, and how the organization is achieving its mission. The successful applicant will enter into a contract with MBFT and will be expected to work with MBFT staff in a participatory process to ensure that the plan meets the needs of the organization. All interested parties and qualified firms should review the criteria set forth and submit relevant proposals by the deadline.

The deadline for submissions for the RFQ is 5:30pm on Wednesday, November 14, 2018.

For those asked to submit a full proposal, the deadline for submissions is 5:30pm on Friday, December 7th, 2018.

Background and Purpose

In 2014, community members launched the Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust (MBFT), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to advance the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of Monterey Bay fisheries. MBFT is working to achieve a balance between a healthy ocean environment and a healthy fishing economy by: rebuilding local and regional markets for sustainable, Monterey Bay seafood; enhancing public support for the fishing community; securing access to fishing resources, infrastructure, and business support for the fishing community; and informing and engaging stakeholders in advocacy and collaborative solutions. Through these strategies, we are working to ensure that our communities in Monterey, Moss Landing, and Santa Cruz benefit from active, working waterfronts and local, sustainable seafood for generations to come.

MBFT is now four years old, and at a critical stage in our development as an organization. We are searching for a agency/individual to help us define our voice as an organization, craft the story of the local fishing community, fish species, sustainability, and seafood. The result will be a marketing & communications plan that defines the tools and timeline for how best to communicate our message and engage with a wide range of audiences.  It may also include evaluating and developing marcomm plan(s) and branding specific to programmatic elements (esp. Fish Hub).


Scope of Work

The scope shall include but not necessarily be limited to the following items:

1.) Assessment

  • Asses our current strategies and messaging (website, e-newsletters, social media, PPT presentations, etc.) and provide guidance for improvement

2.) Message

  • Articulate our organization’s “voice” and story

  • Identify our target audience(s), create personas, and develop message(s) accordingly

3.) Tools

  • Determine a suite of options that best tell the stories of the fishing community, local fish species, sustainability, government regulations, local seafood and how they are interrelated.  Help audiences understand the power of a revitalized commercial fishing industry in Monterey Bay.

  • Craft/refine our elevator pitch(es)

  • Develop a digital communications plan (social media, e-newsletter, website, etc.)

  • Develop a media relations/public relations plan (tv, radio, publications, podcasts, identify influencers, etc.)

  • Make recommendations on other outreach tools and marketing collateral (e.g., cookbooks, festival/events, videos/PSAs, presentations, interpretive signs, etc.) that build awareness and achieve our mission.

  • Formalize our existing branding scheme

  • Present several recommendations, based on the suite of options, starting with no cost (e.g., social media) to more expensive (which we will need to fundraise for)

4.) Timeline

  • Create a recommended timeline for implementation.



  • Brand deck(s)

    • Organization and program specific (eg. Fish Hub, etc.)

  • ‘Voice’ & social media reference document

    • Organization and program specific (eg. Fish Hub, etc.)

  • Create marketing personas

  • Presentation and final report summarizing results and recommendations

  • Timeline for implementation


Up to $12,000

Timeline & Process

MarComm Plan RFQ Timeline.png

All questions and requests for additional information regarding this RFQ must be received in writing by MBFT via email before 6 p.m. PT on Monday Oct. 29, 2018.  MBFT will compile a list of all submitted questions and answers that will be sent to all interested contractors via e-mail on Friday Nov. 9th, 2018. MBFT reserves the sole right to determine the timing and content of the responses to all questions and requests for additional information. MBFT may respond to individual inquiries and then post replies to all questions by the posting date. 

Questions and information requests must be submitted to: 

Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust

Attn: Roger Burleigh, Marketing and Supply Chain Manager



The contractor should be trained and have demonstrated expertise in developing multifaceted marketing and communications plans along with timelines for implementation. Familiarity with the Monterey Bay community is preferred as is a background in working with nonprofit organizations. Previous experience working in the fishing, agriculture, or food-related industries or environmental advocacy is strongly desired. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we must be careful stewards of our funding, so the ability to provide services within our budget and deadlines is critical. 

MBFT seeks one lead contractor to manage and oversee implementation of the scope of work but also encourages firms to bring on subcontractors if it will provide “best in class” service in meeting the desired expertise and qualifications set forth. 



Applicants and interested firms are requested to submit the following:

  • A cover letter and summary providing the basic information included in the proposal and why your company is uniquely qualified and interested in taking on this project.

  • Example(s) of marketing & communications plans developed. Explain your agency’s process for planning and implementing a comprehensive communication plan. Explain what your typical considerations would be. [3 pages maximum]

  • Provide sample(s) of projects, in process or completed, that demonstrate your agency’s experience and expertise. Sample projects should include creative brief and approved budget for each sample submitted. [minimum one but no more than 4]

  • Identify members of the team (if applicable), their respective roles, and who the designated point person will be for the duration of the contract. Please indicate whether subcontractors will be used.

  • A cost estimate of professional fees to complete the description of services.

Full Proposal

A shortlist of contractors will be selected based on a combination of qualifications and price and will be invited to submit a full proposal and be evaluated for an in-person interview with MBFT staff.

  • Detailed samples of work relevant to scope of work and MBFT’s mission [minimum one but no more than 4]

  • Provide a narrative of your agency’s knowledge, experience and current capacity to carry out components of the Scope of Work. Please also provide a detailed description of how your firm approach to the project, identifying concepts, techniques or tools that may be used to accomplish the tasks as well as any potentially beneficial services beyond those requested in this document.  [10 pages maximum]

  • Detailed budget that provides a breakdown for prospective work by labor type required to carry out the tasks/functions and any other expenses.

  • Provide curriculum vitae or resumes for key staff.

  • List any platforms or tools used to communicate, share work, collect feedback, and ensure responsiveness to MBFT staff.

Key personnel, including account director, supervisor and/or executive and creative lead (and sub-consultant representatives) on the proposal must attend the interview. Interviews are scheduled to be held on dates shown in the Timeline & Process Table. These dates are subject to change at MBFT’s sole discretion. Interviews will be held at MBFTs office. Further materials regarding qualifications or the proposal may be requested before the interview.

A contractor will be selected based on a combination of qualifications and price.


A final budget will be negotiated once a firm has been selected. Funds will be granted through invoices based on incurred expenses. 

The contract term will end on May 20, 2019. The contractor shall not be authorized to deliver or commence performance of services as described in the application until final execution of the contract (contract must be signed by both parties). Any performance of services commenced prior to obtaining all written approvals by MBFT shall be considered voluntary. 

The selected applicant is responsible for supplying all business equipment needed to carry out its duties (e.g., computer, printer, fax, internet access, etc.). 


All submissions are to be made to:

Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust

Attn: Roger Burleigh, Marketing and Supply Chain Manager